Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Welcome Chatham Community Church

We would like to welcome back team leader Mark and his awesome team of men who came beside Mark to serve our Lord at Mt. Horeb.  It was an all male team with two new friends on board this year, welcome Terry and Tim, welcome back Brian, Dexter, Hunter and Pastor John.  This team of men came in ready to serve the Lord physically and spiritually as well. Each morning team leader Mark shared a bible verse for the day. The first morning Mark took one of the bible verses hanging in the dorm to share.  Funny thing I teased him about taking the bible verses right off the wall and this was the verse he had chosen for the first morning.  

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Many Jobs Means Team Effort

This was a small team full of energy and willingness to serve.  Each gentleman pitched in wherever needed to get the job completed each day.  Thank you Brian for cooking breakfast each morning while in Honduras.  You always did this with a smile and willing heart.  Thank you everyone for going where needed each day to get ready to head out to the project.  Each morning sandwiches had to be made led by Mark and Pastor John.  Terry and Tim helped load the truck daily along with Pastor John after making his sandwiches. Special thank you to Hunter and Dexter who helped clean up supper dishes. It was a blessing to see this team work in unity in the name of Christ.  This was how the entire week unfolded, an awesome example of teamwork.  All God's people shouted AMEN.

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Thank you God for Rodolfo and Solina

These words cannot ever describe the beauty and splendor of Jesus Christ which raditates from these two new brother and sister in Christ.  I would have the honor and privilidege of introducing Rodolfo, age 78 and his lovely bride Solina, age 60 who have been happily married for 12 years.  It is almost like they are still on their honeymoon.  They glow when they are together as if they just exchanged their wedding vows.  Their very presence was humbling and so precious on many levels.  We all learned so much from each of them this past week as I will share later in the blog.  Our lives are forever changed by their presence for the five days we were with them.  
Solina has lived on this property for forty years and Rodolfo from what we could gather from conversation has lived his entire life in Pavana.  We are not sure how this lovely couple got together but we are forever grateful they did.  They will never know what a blessing their lives played on all of us.

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Pastor John Built Relationships

We all did more than build a home.  Pastor John took building relationships to a whole different level of beautiful.  Each day the team would take breaks under some beautiful mango trees.  Rodolfo and Solina have a parakeet in a cage who actually was very social little thing.  Pastor John began slowly getting know his new friend Paco.  Paco became quickly attached to Pastor John.  He would follow Pastor John wherever he walked from one side of the cage to the other side of the cage watching Pastor John's every move.  Pastor John did an unique task this week, he took time out of building a home to build a relationship with one of God's very own creations.  Paco was a very smart parakeet and it was obvious he was loved a lot.  He was picky about what he wanted to eat, he wanted cheese not tortillas as several folks kept giving him tortillas and then someone gave him cheese.  Paco loves him some cheese.  
We can all learned a lot from this sweet little story.  It takes time to build a relationship with someone. It is an investment of your time and theirs as well.  If you are a believer in Jesus Christ and live your life out daily for Him, this takes time.  He needs you to spend time with Him on a daily basis.  We all as believers need to spend time with our Heavenly Father.  Time being still time praying, time reading His Word so we can know who He is.  This is crucial in our relationship with Jesus Christ to spend time with HIM.  As we grow in our personal relationship with Christ we will see the need as Pastor John did to take the time to build relationships with others.  I do not mean texting someone I mean actually talking to them and maybe even hugging them and telling them you are grateful for this relationship.  There are so many folks out there who simply want someone to spend time with them, talk with them and yes even pray with them.  I challenge myself along with whoever is reading this today, reach out to someone and get to know them, especially get to know our Lord and Savior.  This is the sweetest relationship of all, the one you have with your Lord and Savior.
If today you have not a clue what I am saying about Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior and a personal relationship please find a pastor or someone who is a believer and ask about the most amazing gift of your lifetime, Jesus Christ.

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Team Meets Rodolfo and Solina

The team arrives bright and early to begin a week which will be forever embedded in their hearts and minds.  They arrived to meet the sweetest humblest hardest working husband and wife team, Rodolfo and Solina.  Mike did the introductions as Mark the team leader introduced his team.  Pastor Renieri introduced the members of the church who had given their time to help their neighbors and brother and sister in Christ.  Pastor Renieri opened up with prayer before we all dispersed to our different responsibilities of the beginning of the first day.  I can only imagine what Rodolfo and Solina were thinking while the business took place to get their home started.  In five days they would have a complete home where they can stay dry and sleep safely each night of the reminder of their time here this side of Heaven.

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Martha Visits Her First Job Site

We would love to introduce Martha, one of our staff members.  She has been with NCBM for fifteen years.  We have been blessed with her Christian service to her Lord and Savior.  Since the project was right down the street we asked Martha would she like to check out a first day on a construction project.  She said, "I can go with you?"  We said, "Yes."  She hopped in the back sit of our truck and off she went.  Martha stood back watching and observing the entire make up of this morning.  She introduced herself to Solinia.  It was nice because both ladies are similar in age and had a lot in common.  It was a blessing to see Martha blending in so well and caring on conversations with numerous persons while she was with us.  Thank you God for Martha and her Christian commitment to YOU first and then to the ministry here at Mt. Horeb.

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Tina is Traffic Control

What a first morning for poor old Tino our bus driver.  Mike and I were driving down the rocky path to Rodolfo and Solina's property saying there should be not any problems parking on the road because there will not be any traffic coming through here.  We had only been on the site maybe thirty minutes and here comes our neighbor with his oxen and cart who needed to get by and turn right down another road right in front of the property.  So Tino proceeded to move all the vehicles out of the way.  About ten minutes later here comes another oxen and cart with two young men riding on the cart.  Tino once again had to move the vehicles to another location.  Oh yes one more time here comes back our neighbor wanting then to go further up the path where Tino had parked the Kia.  At this time it had become a huge joke amongst all of us.  Tino is our on time traffic control staff.  Tino moved vehicles more the first day than he did blocks.  Thank you God for Tino and his laughter and precious smile he always has and how well he takes care of all of us on a daily basis.  

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What An Amazing Team

As I shared Walter was all over the place this week.  He was wherever he was needed.  In churh on Sunday Walter came with two beautiful children and a lovely wife.  Sadly Walter helped us most of the week which means Walter may not have work.  There is a lot of our brothers and sisters here in Honduras who do not have employment.  Prayers are appreciated for God to provide a meal for all these folks struggling to find work.

Tim and Mark long time friends worked on helping the pastor and Rodolfo get their sand sifted and hauled to the pile for mixing mescal.  Time and Mark learned quickly there was a recipe for this mixture.  Once they all learned including the Hondurans  off they week mixing and making all the mescal the team needed.  Pastor Carlos likes it made a certain way and their is a recipe for the way Pastor Carlos likes it and it does work so much better.  Thanks gentlemen for being quick learners.

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As the day continued each cornerstone was well taken care of.  The team worked on different corners at the same time.  Everyone chose their corner and helped level it our and secure the rods for each corner.  All of a sudden Pastor Carlos sighs "Small Problema"  I said oh my to myself.  Well long story short the foundation was way way off but Pastor Carlos never waivered from his composure as he continued to work diligently to correct the problem or I must say the opportunity placed before him.  He did not loose his temper with the church family who had worked so hard to help Rodolfo get his foundation ready before the team arrived.  Pastor Carlos worked it until he got it how he waned to be in order to build the home on level ground.  The team assisted as best they could while he worked for over an hour on the problem.  Everyone remained composed as the opportunity got solved in a timely fashion, most definitely Honduran time.  As we say down here in Honduras it is not eternal.

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Hunter and Walter

Hunter and Walter became co workers from day one.  Hunter shared Walter stayed right by his side all day working beside him doing whatever needed to get done.  Walter worked so hard beside Hunter the first hour getting all the blocks cut they were ahead of the game.  Hunter was so proud of this accomplish.  But you have to remember you are in Honduras, Hunter.  Hunter did not realize around the corner was where Pastor Carlos was diligently working on the foundation problem.  Mike came to Hunter and shared they needed quiet a few blocks cut very differently to accommodate the problem that had occurred.  Hunter and Walter got back to work and customized some new blocks for the first row of almost half the foundation.  No worries Hunter shared, "It is all in a days work."  Grateful for Hunter's amazing attitude as well.  Hunter learned a lot this year coming to Honduras.  
He shared during his night to share in devotions, first of all this was his first devotion he had ever done.  As Hunter spoke ever so quietly and words started coming out of his mouth, those few words he shared spoke volumes for all of us.  His scripture reference was Ephesians 2:1-10.  He shared how working beside Walter this week but more so beside Rodolfo he learned what relentlessly work meant.  These two Honduran men, age 78 and 24 worked relentlessly and diligently for their Lord.  Hunter shared if only we could live out our Christian life as relentlessly and diligently as these two men worked this week.  Hunter is so correct.  Why don't we live out our lives relentlessly for the Lord.  God sent His Son to die for your and my sins.  We only give him a small portion of what all He gives to us.  Thank you Hunter for sharing from your heart and though there was few words, those few words spoke volumes to all of us and we are grateful.

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Prayers Over First Block

Finally the foundation was ready to lay the first block.  Meida, our translator, gathered Rodolfo and Solina around the first block. Meida gently asked them to lay their hands upon the rough concrete cender block for time of prayer.  New team member Terry prayed over the first block as Meida translated for our Honduran families.  Each person there laid a hand upon another as we all became united as one for the rest of the five days of this project.  As Terry prayed neighbors all around this property could hear and see God's masterpiece began to unfold right before their very eyes.  The testimony on this corner this day was one to glorify our Father in Heaven.  What a beautiful way to began the construction of this house which is about to become a home.  

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Block 101

Mike performed a refresher course for the returned friends and lesson for our two new friends.  They all caught on fairly quickly as Mike instructed them on which side is the side that goes face down and which is the side that goes face up.  I have been here nine years and I still cannot tell the difference.  But I do not continuously lay blocks week after week either.  So once had is Block 101 lesson off these young men went laying the blocks correctly.  They teamed up with each other and work as hard as they could all day for three days laying these blocks.  The Hondurans only mixed the mescal each day.  So these seven men along with Tino and Pastor Carlos did an amazing job staying right on their schedule daily to make this house a home for Rodolfo and Solina.

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Building a Home

The week continued forward and the walls got higher with every bit of these young men's energy.  They gave it their all each and every day. We were so blessed each and every day for their commitment to this precious family.  They shared they were tired but it was the best tired they could have asked for any day.  Their tired bodies came from serving their Lord by laying 800 blocks on a foundation that was not level, 52 bags of cement going into water Rodolfo and Solina had to pay for  because right down we are in a draught and Pavana has no water supply.  It has to be trucked in twice a week.  So praise God for the provision to miss the mescal to help hold the sender blocks together.  Once these guys realized Pavana did not have water they were perfectly alright with a little pain in their backs and legs each day.  We are so blessed to have running water daily in our lives those of us reading this right now.  We truly have not anything to complain about if we have a place to lay our heads, running water and electricity for our comforts daily.  Also we get three meals a day where this sweet family may get two meals a day.  Count your blessings folks as this team quickly realized how blessed they were not only to have the comforts of home but to build a home for such an incredibly godly couple who exemplify Jesus Christ daily in their lives.  Yes we all learned so much this past week, humbling experience for us all.  Thank you God so much for this privilege to serve you this week.

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