Saturday, March 18, 2017

A Early Day

Due to massive road repairs from Choluteca up into Tegus we left at 6:00 a.m. to go pick up the Campbell Medical, Pharmacy, PA and Do Schools.  We are grateful to Ramon Jr who drove the Land Cruiser and for Moses who drove the Kia.  Mike and I rode in the bus.  As we made our way up through the mountain of Honduras.  It took us four hours of travel to arrive on time for the North American teams gate time of 10:30.  Mike checked out another bus from a rental company upon our arrival.  Mike thoroughly checked it out for any bumps and took the keys to hand over to team leader,  Dr. Miguel.

The team arrived safely in our hands as Dr. Miguel said to me now they are yours with a big smile.  We headed out to the four vehicles loading up nine trucks and one huge duffel bag along side about twenty nine pieces of luggage.  The team split up into the four vehicles and off we headed to Choluteca.  They were provided a most delicious sandwich, chips, cookie and water bottle.  It took us four hours to arrive at Mt. Hoer Ministry Campus for a week of serving our Lord and Savior through the gifts of medicine.

9 Only be careful, and watch yourselves closely so that you do not forget the things your eyes have seen or let them fade from your heart as long as you live. Teach them to your children and to their children after them.  10 Remember the day you stood before the LORD your God at Horeb, when he said to me, “Assemble the people before me to hear my words so that they may learn to revere me as long as they live in the land and may teach them to their children.”                                                       
Deuteronomy 4:9-10

Campbell Universtiy Arrives Once Again


We were excited to welcome back our friends from Campbell University.  This year they brought down students from their medical school, PAs and DOs, their Physical Therapy School and their Pharmacy School.  They arrived after an early morning flying into Tegus and a long ride down to Mt. Horeb.  Our return friends were so excited to be back home again to a week of serving our Lord and getting away from their hustle and bustle of life.  They enjoyed immediately a game of Corn Hole and sitting on the front porch of the multi purpose building.  Our new friends with fresh new eyes looking out over the ministry where in awe of the beauty of the country.  Team member Jared shared he had a roommate who was from Honduras and he had talked about his country so much.  Jared said he wanted to come and see for his self what Honduras was about.  He shared how beautiful the country side was riding down and the surroundings of the ministry campus even as brown as it is now God's beauty still radiates all around.  The majesty of our God and His Creation is evident on Mt. Horeb.  Daniel, a team member was taken over to one of the unique trees on the campus by Mike.  Mike shared with Daniel how the blooms come out in the morning and the bees come to get the nectar and the blooms fall off throughout the day and new blooms come out the next morning.  This is just one of God's beautiful gifts on Mt. Horeb.  One of the students shared how huge the humming birds were here and how beautiful the parakeets  are. These young people were able to get away and connect with their Heavenly Father's Creation.
They also were able to discuss what might be in store for them this week.  There was at least 15 or more new team members who some had never been out of the country.  We enjoy new and fresh eyes looking at Honduras and its grandeur.  Honduras has a way of letting you see what true joy, contentment, peace and compassion truly is in the lives of its people. This week these young people's lives hopefully will be forever changed.

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Be Still

Some of our team members arose early each day to spend some one on one in the Word with their Heavenly Father.  Dr. Charlotte and Dr. Marge shared they could not start their day any other way.  I totally agreed.  Without HIM at front and center of our day it is simply another day.  What is so impressive is how many of the young people found a spot to be still and be in God's Word.  I am fairly sure there was so many more up and finding them a quiet spot but these are the ones I was able to capture in photo.  This is something to be very proud of young people who hunger to be in God's Word.  God is our only way through His Son Jesus Christ and grateful to God to see young people taking this time with God seriously.  I encourage anyone reading this today who has not set a time aside each day with your Heavenly Father let today be the day.  God hungers to be intimate with all believers in Jesus Christ.  He wants to spend time with us.  He wants to hear all your hearts desires.  God loves us as His chosen ones, His Children.  This is a precious gift from God to have a relationship with HIM through HIS SON JESUS CHRIST through the POWER OF THE HOLY SPIRIT.  Do not let this gift slip away.

He says, "Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth."  Psalm 46:10

Everyone Comes Together

There was different activities other than providing medical care in order for this week to run smoothly.  Each team member had responsibilities for the day.  There was a breakfast crew who started at four thirty in the morning, well one of them did, Dr. Charlotte. Dr. Charlotte made her way up the hill daily to start the "slow" coffee of the day.  Around five or five fifteen the rest of the breakfast crew arrived putting out what was needed for breakfast.  There was a huge lunch crew who not only had to make twenty nine plus sandwiches each day but had to make them for two different job sites.  The first day the sandwiches went to the opposite job sites.  But they learned from this mistake not to do it again but to be grateful for the sandwich placed before them.  Both groups saw a lot of malnutrition on there first three days.  So they did not complain at all about their sandwich on the first day, they were grateful.  James and Jared quickly assisted Mike in loading the truck while others Orin, Bren and Jason made the Gatorade.  In the evening there was a crew who put supper out and cleaned up the dishes before devotionals.  Thank you to Matt, Brittany, Daniel and Rebecca for cleaning up the kitchen area so well. 

Two are better than one, because they have a good return for their labor:
Ecclesiastes 4:9

First Stop El Limonal

El Limonal was a return visit for several of our friends from two years ago.  We gathered inside the sanctuary to greet and meet the church family.  Pastor Adrian greeted us as a new pastor of this church.  The group lifted up their day to the Lord as they did each and every day.  Some of the former team members drew out the layout of the church the night before arriving their first day.  Tiffany knew exactly how everything was suppose to be from two years ago.  Great work Tiffany in directing your team in a quick set up time.  Dr. Marge loved her location on the end with a window where the sun shone through each day.  The doctors were in two separate rooms going up from the PT room and the last room was the Pharmacy.  The Pharmacy was at the entrance to the side door of the sanctuary.  So the patients could see the doctors or physical therapy and go sit and wait outside the pharmacy for their prescriptions.  The sanctuary was triage where the patients could check and wait to be called back to see the doctor of need.  Pastor Adrian did amazing job orchestrating his volunteers to help the North American friends day run as smoothly as possible. 

Consequently, you are no longer foreigners and strangers, but fellow citizens with God's people and also members of his household,
Ephesians 2:19

The Physcial Therapy Team at El Limonal

The Physical Therapy Team tripled in size from last year.  They brought some very excited and enthusiastic students who were ready to help and learn all they could from Dr. Marge.  Dr. Marge did a phenomenal job coaching and teaching her students the correct way and also allowed them to adventure out and learn by experience.  Jared got to work with our very own Dr. Brenda.  She was obviously a little tight in areas and shouted several times as Jared proceeded physical therapy with her.  Dr. Brenda was much grateful afterwards and thanked Jared for helping loosing her and release some of her tension.  Dr. Marge worked at El Limonal with Jared, Kristin and Kristie.  They all took turns exercising their skills which they all have learned from Dr. Marge and the Physical Therapy Dept. at Campbell.  Dr. Marge took extensive time with each patient and teaching her students the proper technique for each patient.  The students listened and learned a lot of hands on this week which will extend their skills in years to come. 

Then all Israel gathered together to David at Hebron and said, “Behold, we are your bone and flesh.
1 Chronicles 11:1

The DOs and PAs at El Limonal

Dr. Brenda sat up in one room while the North Americans set up next door.  Dr. Miguel led his students Kassie, Joey and EJ with the leadership of Monica, DO student.  James, DO student worked beside Dr. Miguel to help  give each of their patients all they needed. James shared during God moments on the first evening he wanted more than runny noses and colds.  God I want a challenge.  Well you get what you ask for with God.  God gave James later in the day a patient with a disease which there was not a cure for.  James shared with the team what a humbling experience this was for him.  Every patient and what they have wrong is of most importance.  James shared with me each time he comes to Honduras God shows him so much about human life more than the medicine.  God is our Creator of all and  provides all we need in life.  Sometimes it may not be what we want or expect.  But at the end of the day God through HIS Son Jesus Christ is the Great Physician.  So when God gave James a patient there was not any medicines for or any treatment for James asked this person could he pray for them.  James with Dr. Miguel translating prayed for God's healing hand to be placed on this person's life.  This is one of many stories shared during the week.  How grateful these sweet people were for what the DOs and PAs did for them.  Even if they could only pray for them they were most grateful.  These people entrusted their lives to complete strangers who most did not speak their own language.  They walked quiet a ways for a hope of some kind of help for their medical needs.  But after it was all said and done they were all so very grateful and walked away with a smile on their face.

Colonia Williams Gets a Visit Too

While El Limonal about three miles away was busy at work so was the other group of medical, PT, POs and Pharmacy students.  Mike and I walked into a sanctuary full of patients waiting to be seen by someone.  We walked up to Kat, Sarah and Jason triaging patients with the help of a translator.  They were  working so very hard with huge smiles on their faces.  They were seeing at least three people at one time.  Sara was using her own Spanish skills to help a lady and her son.  These young people persevered with their new found obstacles, a slight language barrier, the heat and tight working areas.  They all said we are great Mrs. Ginger and kept working away meeting needs of those God placed before them.  They were here to serve their Lord with joyful hearts and was evident the minute we walked through the front door of the church.

Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters
Colossians 3:23

Colonia Williams Physcial Therapy and Phamarcy Students

We walked beyond triage upon Leilani and Anna helping an elderly gentlemen in a wheelchair.  This gentlemen came across a rocky terrain in his wheelchair  to be seen by Physical Therapy.  They were working with him in  limited working space.  Anna knew a little  Spanish to assist him in his needs.  Leilani and Anna were such a strong team working side by side helping many needs and using the means before them to get their job completed.  In the background of the Physical Therapist you can see  Chuck and his Pharmacy Students busy at work filling prescription after prescription without a complaint.  They did not have a translator at the time of our arrival but we pulled a church member to help his community with their prescriptions.  We also had to have a church member who could read.  Praise God for this gentleman who was there to help.  Pastor Ramon arrived on the second and third day to assist with the dispersing of the medicines.  But the students never once complained about not having a translator.  We saw the need to get another translator and went back to El Liminal to get Meida to help us locate one.  God provided very quickly our need for one translator and another one as well.  So both sights on the afternoon of their first day at three translators. God's provision came quickly this day.  Anna and Leilani shared during God moments that evening, Mrs. Ginger asked them would they like a translator if we got one and they said certainly not knowing we would be coming back within the hour with Gabby.  Gabby jumped in and went right to work with Anna and Leilani as they continued Physical Therapy for all who needed this medical care. Orin shared at the end of the day when triage was winding down Sara came to them asking if they needed any help.  Sara spent the rest of the day making labels for the Pharmacy.  Sara shared with Orin, "I came to serve and that is what I am going to do."
The reason Pastor Ramon was not there for the first day was he was in Tegus receiving chemo for stomach cancer.  Pastor Ramon was there the rest of the time to help his church family receive the medical attention they needed.  Pastor Ramon is a strong example of faith in the Lord for all details of life.  He has had stomach cancer since the fall of 2016.  He goes as needed on a bus to Tegus for chemo treatment and returns home the next day if not the day of treatment.  Pastor Ramon is a strong man spiritually and physically.  He is always a strong example of Jesus each time we see him.

just as the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many."
Matthew 20:28

Dr. Charlotte and Dr. Carlos with PA Students

I adventured out the side door of the sanctuary to go find the Sunday School Classrooms busy at work.  Dr. Carlos was seeing a patient as Berkley was observing his services to his people.  Praise the Lord Dr. Carlos could speak English.  He shared how grateful he was for us to be here helping his people.  After leaving Dr. Carlos' room I went next door to find Dr. Charlotte in a teaching moment with Rebecca and Paige.  What awesome times for these young people to get the experience as this with once again some of the most amazing and grateful folks you will ever get to meet.  We were grateful for the help of Ingrid with these ladies with their limitation of Spanish.  Every single job here is so important and it takes us all working together for the Kingdom to get the job done.  Pastor Ramon was most grateful for receiving a medical clinic this year.  His people as well as the folks in El Liminal are in dire need physically and Pastor Ramon does all he can with his limited resources to help his church family and the surrounding families in Colonia Williams.  Dr. Charlotte shared as did James, sometimes all you can do is pray for your patients.  On the last day as the patients slow down somewhat Dr. Charlotte was able to pray with each and every patient which made it for much nicer and pleasant day serving her Lord and Savior.  The reason we are here says Dr. Charlotte is to share the love of Jesus Christ with these beautiful people who truly show us who Jesus truly is.  She shared how she always leaves refreshed in the Lord simply because she sees Jesus in the daily lives of the Honduran people.

 Whoever claims to live in him must live as Jesus did.
1 John 2:6

Bringing it Home

After  the completion of day one each group collectively saw around 160 patients.  They came in exuberated and excited about the day they completed.  They were tired but it was a very good tired with a lot of amazing stories.  I had several friends come into the pulperia and gift shop to share their stories with me.  I love this part of the day when the vehicles arrive and folks come over to get a soda and tell me the activities of the day.  I get to hear some God moments before we have devotions.  This is what being here is all about.  Mike and I get to see the joy and contentment come over our North American friends by simply working side by side with our Honduran friends.  What a beautiful gift from God being here to see lives change not only for our Honduran families but for our North American families as well.  Tiffany shared this in her devotional one evening out of Romans 12:2. In the U.S. we are of the world.  When I come here there is a peace which is not from the world.  The people here Tiffany shared take time for each other.  They stop to listen and carry on a conversation for each other.  They are not busy with stuff that is our lives back home.  They may lack material items but they do not lack of sense of a spiritual being or they do not lack sense of community.  Some folks even shared how many of us know our neighbors back home or check on some one who may be in need.  I am not talking a text message but actually physically talking to them and giving them some of our time.  Time is precious and we need to take the time to reach out to others especially those who are spiritually hungry.  Thank you Tiffany for a job well done. 

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Talking shop

These guys never stopped.  They did not stop at the job site with their learning and teaching.  Once arriving for dinner as they waited for the line to get smaller, Dr. Marge and other students were discussing ways of helping others on the next day.  Some of the students were reflecting on the day in thought and in words.  The conversations were fluid in the dining hall.  A lot of talk about a lot of great stuff they learned and will continue to learn as the week progressed.  These students were hungry to expand on their knowledge outside of the text books.  Some of the medical concerns they learn in their text books become alive and real out in the field.  They all experienced this their first day.  Their textbooks became alive for all of them.  Wow how awesome this must have been for them. 
One evening Dr. Charlotte had devotions.  She read out of Exodus 35-36.  She asked us what about this did you hear from my reading of God's word.  Some shared there was a lot of fine details, high volume of materials, their were skilled workers not because of them but because of their heart condition, whoever came was moved by the Holy Spirit, God equipped the called, the called are those whose hearts are right with the Lord, they are ready and willing to listen as walking and being obedient to God.  Dr. Charlotte then asked another question, "What does this look like in our own lives?"  Are we obedient to the calling of Christ, are we willing to listen and walk with God where He calls us to go.  Her next question to the students were, "Why did you come on this trip?"  She let the students ponder on this questions as she continued sharing, "Is there anything you have done or seen this week you never thought you would experience?"  I challenge you to make this a prayer for your life as I make it one for me out Exodus 35:31.  We are called to be equipped through our prayer life with our Father.  "How are you using your gifts this week for the kingdom work we have been called to do?

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Honduran Food and Fun

These two sweet ladies will have their last beans and rice with us today.  They have been coming the last three years serving the Lord with joyful hearts.  They bring with them hunger for the Honduran cuisine as well.  Mike and I get attached to this amazing young people and then the "R" word comes up.  I always ask will you be back next year.  Well these two sadly said the "R" word to me, we have our rotations coming up next year.  But all good things must come to an end until the next journey and when we chuckled and said next time we get to come as Pharmacists.  We are grateful to work beside all these young people for many years.  Hopefully this will not be good bye just see you later.

Let's play more Corn Hole.  This game has been such a blessing to this ministry.  So many folks gather around play and compete with each other or cheer each other to victory.  It is an amazing stress release for everyone who plays.  This game was a daily ritual before and after supper.  We had a couple of ladies playing in the dark just for the challenge. 

Thank you to our amazing staff for offering to make chocolate covered bananas.  Martha, Wuilmer, and Manuel are now officially in charge of this project.  We sell them to the teams after supper or anytime of their choosing.  They have been a huge success and it is hard to keep the freezer full of them.  We are blessed to have willing staff to take on extra duties for the Kingdom work here.  All God's people shout AMEN.

with whom I once enjoyed sweet fellowship at the house of God, as we walked about among the worshipers
Psalm 55:14